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    S.E. Sra. Cecília Rosário    

Official message from S. E. Ambassador of Angola to Switzerland, Cecília Rosário. 30x15

  António Jesus Lemos   Antonionascimento  
  António Jesus C. de Lemos   António Nascimento  
Minister Counselor
Counselor for Press
Adalgiza Silva Gomes   Arminda Miranda Lopes   Margarida Semedo Silva
Adalgiza M. da Silva Gomes   Arminda D. Miranda Lopes   Margarida M. S. Semedo da Silva
3rd Secretary.   Administrative and Financial Attaché   Secretary of the Ambassador

Embassy of Angola

Embassy of the Republic of Angola
Thunstrasse 73
CH - 3006 Berna
Tel: 0041 31 351 85 85



African Group Permanent accredited in Geneva

Click here for more information.!30x15

Angola requests support from the African Group for the re-application of Ambassador Josefa Sacko, to the post of Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment of the African Union.

VIDEO: Angola 45 anos 1975-2020

45 ans

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