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    S.E. Sra. Cecília Rosário    

Official message from S. E. Ambassador of Angola to Switzerland, Cecília Rosário. 30x15

  António Jesus Lemos   Antonionascimento  
  António Jesus C. de Lemos   António Nascimento  
Minister Counselor
Counselor for Press
  felicio teles1   luzoro eduardo1  
  Felicio Bruno Teles   Luzolo Kenny Eduardo  
  First Secretary   Second Secretary  
Arminda Miranda Lopes       Margarida Semedo Silva
Arminda D. Miranda Lopes       Margarida M. S. Semedo da Silva
Administrative and Financial Attaché       Secretary of the Ambassador

Embassy of Angola

webmaster gifThe Angolan Embassy in Bern informs that, from the 3rd to the 24th of January 2022, face-to-face service will be suspended, as a result of the Federal Council's recommendation for the adoption of telework.
Please note that the telephone number and email address below will be available for scheduling urgent cases. Phone: +41 77 903 85 82  Whatspp: +41779513315  E-mail: sectorconsular@ambassadeangola.ch


Embassy of the Republic of Angola
Thunstrasse 73
CH - 3006 Berna
Tel: 0041 31 351 85 85

30x15  MEMORANDUM: On the procedures to create and
implement Free Trade Zones

flech1D  Communiqué for the Angolan community in Switzerland.

Regulation of the Kandengue Contest 2021 Portugues e Frances


30x15 Multisectoral Commission to Prevent and Combat COVID-19
National Vaccination Plan  Against Covid-19  30x15

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