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Ambassador's Message

00ambassadeurWelcome to the official website of the Embassy of Angola in Switzerland.

This is a space designed to facilitate our interaction with the Angolan resident community and with the authorities, business class, civil society and Swiss citizens, through the provision of content that allows us to better understand the Angolan reality and the opportunities that the country offers, as well as by simplifying administrative procedures.

On February 18, 1976, Switzerland officially recognized the People's Republic of Angola, now called the Republic of Angola, and the following year it opened its Embassy in Luanda, laying the foundations for a friendship and cooperation relationship between the two countries that has been consolidated over the years.

It is a good memory for the Angolan people, the support given by the Swiss authorities to Angola in the field of humanitarian assistance, in one of the most difficult moments in our recent history, contributing in a relevant way to the process of national reconstruction.

Today, in a scenario of new challenges on a global scale, we want to contribute to the strengthening of the bilateral relationship between the two countries, intensifying the existing areas of cooperation and identifying new sectors that present mutual benefits.
A word of appreciation is addressed to the Angolan community living in Switzerland, with which we intend to make a journey together towards resolving their main concerns, with a view to making their stay in the Swiss territory more and more pleasant and shortening the distance that separates it from the motherland.

The services of the Embassy of Angola in Switzerland will always be at your disposal to provide information and answer your requests and complaints.

The Angolan Ambassador to Switzerland
Filomena Delgado