João Lourenço, President of the Republic elected, provides for the victory with Bornito de Sousa, elected Vice-President

February 18, 2018 por Luis Dias

The official ‘Jornal de Angola’ devotes its entire first page to the subject. ‘New President-Elect’, writes the morning paper, illustrating the matter with a photo of João Lourenço, when, on Wednesday, he delivered his victory speech at the MPLA headquarters.

“In his first public statement, after the announcement of the victory of the MPLA and his candidate, João Lourenço assured that, with the help of the people, he will work to build a better future for Angola and for the Angolans,” the publication said.

MPLA WON! – writes, in turn, also in a machete, the Angolan private newspaper ‘O País’, in its edition of this Thursday.

The title emphasizes that the ‘CNE exhorts opposition to know how to lose with dignity’, while noting that the ‘Next Executive will have an eye + on abstention’.

‘João Lourenço confirmed the new President of Angola’, points out, from Portugal, the Portuguese newspaper ‘Diário de Notícias’.

“The more than 4.1 million votes in the MPLA and victory in all 18 Angolan provinces translate into 150 MPs, enough to guarantee a qualified majority in the National Assembly,” the publication writes.

Another Portuguese newspaper, Correre da Manha, also announces that João Lourenço was confirmed as the new President of Angola, with the MPLA winning more than 60 percent of the valid votes.

The Portuguese newspaper ‘PÚBLICO’ also points out that ‘João Lourenço guarantees openness to dialogue and criticizes opposition’.

“In the first statement after the release of official results, President-elect promised that the next government will work to remove + reprehensible practices and behaviors, which + are likely to be the basis of such abstention, he points out.